MingYi Lin


I am an enthusiastic full-stack developer and open-source lover based in London. Focusing on Ruby on Rails and React web application development. Interested in delivering a better problem‑solving method for challenging tasks, and sharing it with a quick sketch to help visual thinking.

Work Experience

Full-Stack Developer / HeadBox Ltd

Oct 2019 - present

Event tech startup with product first mentality works with fast-paced weekly cycles to disrupt the market. I joined HeadBox while the company was transitioning to Microservices. The company has an experimental attitude towards technologies we have successfully experimented with MicroFrontend, Serverless, Event-Driven Architecture. The tech stack I worked with was: NodeJS/Ruby on Rails, Typescript, React, GraphQL and Postgres.

  • Designed and developed a Ruby microservice and related React micro frontend that increased 5X the successful submission of event briefs into our funnel.
  • Worked on fast and short feedback loops with the product designer and product manager to redesign the customer experience in the brief journey.
  • Led the implementation and experimentation of the event-driven architecture. Enabling more decoupling in the tech team. I used a lean implementation with Amazon SNS/SQS.
  • Worked on integrating into the backend with third-party products such as Contentful(CMS), Hubspot (CRM), and Auth0 (User Authentication).
  • Worked on i18n to enable expansion in Netherland, Ireland, and Australia.
  • As the main Ruby developer in the company, I help others working with Ruby. I also paired and learned over time to code effectively in Node JS.

Full-Stack Developer / SyncACE Inc.

Feb 2018 - Jun 2019

Fintech startup focuses on Digital Loan Servicing/KYC/Credit Scoring to redefine the lending industry. I joined SyncACE as a Full-Stack Developer. Responsible for designing and developing the main service “Alphaloan” and the CRM system. The tech stack I worked with was: Ruby on Rails, Python, Typescript, AngularJS, and Postgres.

  • Increased conversion rate by 30% by improving user landing flow.
  • Implemented auto-marketing tool with the CRM system to reduce 70% of time cost.
  • Used BDD and TDD approach to specify and test all applications.
  • Established backend API for partner banks in Ruby on Rails.

Rails Developer / KUMA Inc

Oct 2015 - Sep 2017

The main service - KumaWash was Taiwan’s first on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service. Replaces the need for using a local laundrette and offers a quick and convenient pick-up/delivery service at your home or office. I joined as the second developer to establish the tech stack.

  • Built the application from zero to one in Ruby on Rails.
  • Planned and introduced React into the front-end tech stack.
  • Improved cross-functional teamwork efficiency by establishing user story templates.
  • Mentored junior developers in architectural refactoring.

Software Engineer / NTOU GIS Center

Oct 2013 - Mar 2015

National Taiwan Ocean University Geographic Information System Research Center is top 3 GIS research centers in Taiwan. We focus on the research of GIS, RS, and GPS applications to aid in disaster prevention engineering planning, disaster early warning and forecasting techniques, shipping management, and nautical charting.

  • Build several internal web systems and dashboards for GIS with Ruby on Rails.
  • Developed QGIS plugins with C++ and Qt.


  • Coach of Community Workshop: Rails Girls Taipei 6th, Rails Girls Yilan 1st..
  • Member of Rails Rookie Study Group in Taipei, continue learning together since Apr. 2015.
  • Document and article translator on Ruby-lang and React website.


Bachelor’s degree of Computer Science / National Taiwan Ocean University

Sep. 2008 - Jun 2012, Keelung Taiwan


ALPHA Camp Hackathon / 2nd Place.

Feb 2015

Won 2nd place at the ALPHA Hackathon by creating 菜色 DishColor, a rewards website that helps people to decide what color they want/cook tonight. Build with Ruby on Rails, Html, Javascript, CSS


  • Mandarin - Native
  • English - Limited working proficiency