πŸ‘‡ Here's some introduction of my side project. All of them live on GitHub.

The Useless Zine

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πŸ‘» [zh_tw] Sharing something that truly useless.


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πŸ” Paranoid text spacing in Ruby.

How to find missing cats

🐈 (Developing...)

Resource for Rails Beginners

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πŸ”° [zh_tw] As title.

HDD (Humor Driven Development)

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πŸ˜† I believe 'Happy' will make developer more productive.


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γŠ™οΈ Life is too short to remenber password. Just calculate it.


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πŸ”¨ Easy way to build a selector for Taiwan Cities and Districts.


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⛔️ No longer update. Now I write it in Fragments.⬇️