🧐 What I am doing now ?

Live in Taipei, Taiwan.

Full-Stack Developer in SyncACE. Learning some domain knowledge like the fiduciary loan, interest rate, etc. Ensure the service work fine and make it better than before.

I am focusing and working on:

  • Be nice. (It's hard I know)
  • Make this world better by Pull Request.
  • Learn mixology. Not only bugtender but also bartender.
  • Launch three workshops this year. (using Ruby on Rails)
  • Learn Japanese. (I'm in 日本語の活用 now.)

I have been chosen to apply for the 2019 Youth Mobility Scheme (Tier 5) last month. So now I'm searching for remote or relocate gig in the UK or other countries.

If you're looking for a developer. Click here to get my resume or drop me a message.

Thank you!

🙆‍ This "What I am doing now ?" page is inspired by Derek Sivers.

Last updated at Feb 16, 2019