🧐 What I am doing now ?

I know it's a little bit late but "Happy new year."

I am a little bit confused with my life and what I want. Well, don't worry. It's happening all the time. I already got used to it.

The most important things:

  • 😊Be nice. It's hard I know.

Other things I am focusing on and working on:

  • 💪Provide more value to the team and the world. As a software engineer, I think I can do more.
  • 🏋️‍♂️Try to do more exercise to maintain my health. I always feel tired since last year. I am so worried about that.
  • 🧳Exploring around London city with other people. I always travel alone before. But I found that sometimes if you go with the right person that makes the trip excellent. So maybe it's time to open my mind.
  • 🇬🇧Last year, I was suffering from stress and anxiety when I want to find an engineering job in London. But I learn a lot from it. Now it's time to share my experience with someone who likes me.
  • 🤔New Question about my life: If I die alone.

And ... the game I playing now: Octopath Traveler


🙆‍ This "What I am doing now ?" page is inspired by Derek Sivers.

Last updated on Jan 20, 2020