My first time meet GraphQL is about three years ago. My excellent colleague Vincent introduce GraphQL to me at the office.

But at that time. GraphQL was a brand new technology. There were no existing design guidelines or best practices to follow or even a community in Taiwan to discuss it.

And we must focus on building new features while the company is in the early stage (Yeah. only two engineers just Vincent and I ). So we decide to follow the RESTful way at last.

Last month, after I read the blogpost at Shopify eng Blog. And I found that Evil Martians write a very detailed article to introduce how to combine GrapshQL with Ruby on Rails.

I think it’s time to try it.

After a quick build the todo app with both original way and GraphQl way. I realize that the power of GraphQl like

  • We can request all the data we need in one. (no more overfetching)
  • It returns only the data we need.
  • We only require one endpoint for all our requests.
  • It was straightforward to add into your Rails App now!

But remember, there is no silver bullet. It’s essential to understand the pros and cons of the technology before making a decision.

Here’s the link to source code of my test-app on GitHub.