After 5 years (since 2013), I finally got full green on contribution wall.


Last year around February. I fell like I am doing the same thing every day, every week and every year. It’s like big hamster wheel trap me in it. I need to do something different to save my mind.

Then, I read this post 每天都要做一件以前沒做過的事 DNA = Daily New Achievements by Vinta. So I tried to do one thing I even do every day. And record it on a repo. And I did it.

I mean, well, keep writing it isn’t so hard. Just spend 1 minute to write it down and push it to GitHub every day. But this time I realize that

“I can do this, too.”

Steve Rogers

And this year. I have a bigger and cool idea… but I want to keep it secret now. :)