Like the last fragment I shared on my blog, I am working on teaching web courses to my friends. After the last class, I got the confidence in teaching and planned to go a little bit deeper. I would like to implement code practice into the course.

Since last week my friend, Hanes, told me she had been interested in the course I taught, I thought it was an excellent chance to put my new course into practice. Therefore I invited her and another friend, Venetia, to participate the workshop I held this weekend.

Hanes is my old colleague in the last startup job. She is a smart, methodical and knowledgeable person. So I decide to skip all the base knowledge because I think that our boss Lawrence already teach her. And, I want to strengthen the lesson. Not only Introduction or theory but also make a real web application with Rails as RailsGirls.


Everything looked perfect, yet in fact things did not go that well.

First, I was too optimistic about my ability of time controlling. As soon as I realized I had insufficient time to teach all I wanted to teach, I got disturbed. I had no idea which part was the right one to wrap up this workshop.

Second, I underestimated people’s fear of entering commands on Terminal. My friends told me that they did not understand what happened after entering commands, which made them insecure. In addition, they mentioned they did not know why we had to enter these commands.


So in the next time, in addition to telling folks what we are gonna do and why we do so, I had better instruct them step-by-step.

I’ve learned a lot from this workshop. Really thanks to Venetia, who gave me lots of feedback. Hope we can finish the whole web application next time.